There is a lot happening in my life at the moment. That’s why I thought it would be nice to share a little life update with you.

As you may know, Summer 2018 has been quite busy for me. My boyfriend and I moved into our newly-bought house early July. It’s crazy what’s involved in this milestone. Countless things you don’t even think about at first, will come at you straight away. On the 4th of November, Cédric and I celebrated our 5-year-anniversary. We’re hardly in our mid-twenties and that’s why I’ve been so excited and proud that we’ve already come this far together.

Usually we would choose to travel during our holidays, but this year we have invested our spare time and money into our house. For three years we rented a studio. Best step you can do as a young couple, as you learn so much more about each other. However giving away our money every single month was beginning to feel like a burden, especially when calculating the sum over those years. Not exactly ideal thoughts for peace of mind! We dreamed of buying a house together for as long as we can remember and we both have the same view on this reached milestone. It’s important to us to have a home, a property, something tangible. To us it’s the safest investment at the moment.

Before moving into our house, we’d been thinking about renovating our house just a little. What turned out is we started right away by painting the kitchen cabinets a few days after we’d moved in. With a layer of paint and some new door handles you can completely transform the look of a kitchen, so that’s what we did. The budget-friendly new look only cost us a few hundred euros.

Slowly but steadily we’ve been renovating the space that will be used most, the living room. We chose to go for a total renovation in this room, to make it look more present-day. We removed an outdated element that served as a chimney, without actual function. It really was too bombastic and not to our taste to leave it in place. We will keep the rough bricks who were hidden under the mothy tiles though. Eventually we’ve kept the bricks a little rough and painted them in a neutral white shade, to achieve some texture while also maintaining a serene color scheme. We really like some authentic elements, it gives the house so much more character.

The electricity in our home was also a little outdated, so we wanted to install more power outlets in each room. We’re also busy adjusting the lighting with some help from our electrician, who will literally shed a more contemporary light on the living room. I can already share with you that the hanging lamp above the dining table will be a bit of an eye catcher in the living room. I’m so in love with this lighting element, which perfectly suits our desire for some intriguing, art-like furniture in our home. A large part of the electricity work has been carried out by now. Furthermore, the walls have been beautifully plastered again, giving the living room and kitchen a much more airy feel than the old gritty plaster did.

Eventually we will lay a wooden floor in the living room to create even more space and warmth. As you might suspect, I really cannot wait to start decorating the living room. I’ve already spent hours scrolling through Pinterest and the prettiest home-oriented websites. For now I can’t share a lot of pictures, because we’re still in progress. When finished I will probably share some before and after pictures, so be sure to keep an eye on my blog and Instagram.


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