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During the last weekend of November, Cédric and I went to Paris. Since the 4th of November we’ve been together for three years, therefore my gift to him: a city trip to Paris during our anniversary weekend. November 25th is Cédrics birthday and mine is the 28th of November. For that reason, we always celebrate our birthday weekend together, full of quality time. Beforehand, I had already planned some things to do. Play tourist for one day in Paris, stay in a Disney hotel afterwards and relive our beautiful childhood at Disneyland Paris the next day.

On the 24th, early in the morning, we left for Paris. We drove for about four hours from where we live. Slowly driving our car into the center of Paris, unintentionally we passed just below the Eiffel Tower, which was an incredible moment! Because we had so much luggage and because we feel more at ease that way, we left our car in a underground garage.


The underground garage was situated right next to the breathtaking Alexandre III Bridge. I’m a big fan of the Art Nouveau style used to decorate the structure. You feel as if you were a royal couple, looking at the Eiffel Tower from this bridge over the Seine river. The bridge is lavishly decorated, with beautifully detailed lamp posts littered with fine touches of gold.

Once past the bridge, we walked on towards the Grand Palais. Lacking time, we could only take a short look at this striking building from the outside before we quickly set foot for the Palais Royal. We passed a cozy Christmas market and the popular Maxim’s De Paris restaurant next to the Place de la Concorde. Since Paris has luxurious shops in abundance, I could stare into their neatly dressed windows for years.


When you are in Paris, it is absolutely essential to buy some delicious macarons, much like the ones I bought at Maison Ladurée.

After all this wandering we got really hungry, so we looked out for a place to have a bite. Eventually we found a small bagel salon in Paris called Bagelstein, where we had a very desirable and fresh bagel. Then we arrived at Palais Royal, where the courtyard is known for its art work Les deux Plateaux, also known as Colonnes de Buren. The black and white columns are very popular with tourists, especially because this hidden gem offers the ideal background for original pictures.


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15749881_10154852514937838_1797234902_nCédric and I also admired the world-famous pyramids near the Louvre Museum, we walked through the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries in the direction of teahouse and restaurant Angelina, very popular with Paris’ bourgeoisie for its hot chocolate. Fantastically decorated interior from back in the days, a full house and a jug of delicious hot chocolate, those are the things Angelina does best.

As night fell over the city of light, all of the Christmas decorations sparkled and the historic buildings just lit up so magically. The last thing on my to do list for the day was to visit Galeries Lafayette. Loads of people just stood still in awe, admiring each spectacle of dancing dolls and snowmen in the shop windows. This could only be Paris. I could literally spend a whole day in Galeries Lafayette strolling through heaps of luxury goods, but I managed to control myself thanks to my boyfriend. I only bought a warm winter coat at ZARA, that I’d been craving for a while since it was out of stock in Belgium.

After a day well spent in Paris, full of fun and love, we arrived at the Disney partner hotel. More about this and my adventures in Disneyland Paris in my next blog post, so stay tuned.




Coat – MANGO


Jeans – ZARA

Shoes – NIKE


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