Last Summer I decided I had totally enough of them. Enough of my thin, unshapely, lightly-coloured eyebrows. I’d heard so many good experiences of women who had their eyebrows microbladed. After doing some research I quickly came to the realisation I wanted to go to Dermatopigmentatie in Ghent with my brows. The reason for my preference is because the team works very professionally. Besides that, I could find nothing but excellent reviews online.

“They say “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. Mine were not even related to each other before, I guess.”

Ever since I can remember, I’ve struggled with my brows. They say “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. Mine were not even related to each other before, I guess. In my opinion they were completely asymmetric. I could live with that, but it still somewhat bothered me daily. Every morning I had to put a lot of effort into making my eyebrows look good. During no make-up days I was bothered the most by my brows, because they were so light-coloured and formless. It’s important to me to have nicely groomed eyebrows, as they can give the face a fresher look. In addition, they also ensure the expression of the face. Fortunately, there are plenty products I could pimp my former light brows with. Usually I chose an eyebrow-pencil, sometimes eyebrow powder or gel.

Like many women, I tend to wear less make-up during Summer than I would in Winter. At the end of July I made an appointment, it seemed like the ideal time of the year to have my brows microbladed. The team of Dermatopigmentatie consists of four women: Karen, Sarah, Julie and Melissa. They all work under the supervision of doctors. Karen Sarasin, the founder of Dermatopigmentatie, is a qualified nurse and does her job with a lot of passion.


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My eyebrows were drawn out with a lot of care and precision. Of course I was allowed to decide how I wanted my eyebrows to be exactly done. Natural appearance was what I had in mind. Just naturally full eyebrows, yet not too heavy. After the brows were drawn, I received an anesthetic injection, which ensured a painless microlading process.

The injection, which is completely up to you to opt for, in addition to the removal of the pain also ensures the microblade session will be easier as you’ll bleed less. To me, picking the local anesthetic is a total no brainer. During the treatment, small and superficial scratches are made, in which an pigment will be introduced. This way the natural hairs are drawn through a sterile procedure. At first, the final result seems a bit heavy. Also the first few days my brows felt a little hard to the touch and rigid, because of the wound healing. After about a week, the pigment had decreased a bit and looked a lot more natural. Finally, I received loads of useful information on how to care for my eyebrows in the best way possible.


Picture of my eyebrows about 5 months after microblading

To date, 5 months after the treatment, I’m still incredibly satisfied with the result. I get up and go to sleep with perfectly shaped eyebrows and all of this without any extra effort. This feels so good. In the meantime they are getting slightly lighter in colour, so I’m using an eyebrow pencil or some powder again to slightly colour the tips of my brows.

To anyone considering microblading, I can sincerely recommend having your brows done by the ladies over at Dermatopigmentatie. This treatment should ensure up to 2 years of effortless good-looking eyebrows. Recently, Dermatopigmentatie has moved to a new location. More about microblading and their other treatments can be found on their website.


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