The right way to start your day


After the holidays and the large amounts of food we ate with the family, I think we all feel a bit guilty. So maybe you were thinking: new year, new resolutions. In this post I’ll give you my advice about a healthy morning routine.

As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why would you skip?

Your body needs a lot of fresh energy to start the day, you have to make some time for this moment. Really, take your time.

I’ve changed my breakfast habit for quite a while now and I really feel the difference. Before, I just woke up, took a shower and got ready, quickly grabbed some bread and made myself a sandwich with chocolate and drank a cup of ice cold milk.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”


Since I met my boy, Cédric, I’ve been starting my day the same way he does. So far, I’ve been taking enough time to prepare myself a healthy breakfast. It only takes a little effort to change this habit.

First of all I would like to emphasize that I’m not an dietitian, I’m only giving my honest advice on obtaining a healthy breakfast.

I always start off by making myself a mug of pure, green, loose leaves tea and sometimes I add a few drops of lemon juice to freshen things up a bit. My all time favorite brand for green tea is Twinings. If you’re not used to drinking tea, you’re probably not going to like this kind of taste. Drinking tea is something you need to learn. Because green tea has a really special taste, you can try making your tea less bitter by adding a little of sugar or sweetener, like Canderel or Stevia. I never ever add sugar to my tea, simply because it takes away from the experience and I love the pure taste. More than enough sugar is being dumped into our food in general already.


The reason why I began drinking green tea is because it comes with so many benefits. Drinking green tea every morning is a detox cure for your whole body, it’s a fat burner and it’s good for your heart and cardiovascular system. Furthermore the antioxidants in green tea are proven to protect your body from cancer and it is also a good way to destress. I learned this piece of wisdom from my grandmother. Today I’m drinking tea because I simply enjoy it, tea has become a good old habit.

“Tea: a snuggle in a cup.”


When the water for my tea is getting heated, I prepare my actual breakfast. Semi-skimmed milk, oats and a piece of fruit, that’s all I need as a healthy and delicious breakfast. I put about three or four table spoons of oats in a bowl, with some milk and then I let the microwave do its work for about 2.5 minutes.

Mostly I eat my oatmeal in combination with some fruits. Half a banana and half an apple or just one banana or apple. You can also add nuts, seeds, whatever you like, just be creative. And to spice it up a little you can sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top. It’s so good and so simple.

Do feel free to try this yourself if I’ve woken up your tastebuds! Enjoy!




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