16128772_10154949798877838_172021579_n16144079_10154949798867838_706966841_nI’ve been craving to buy new make up brushes for quite a while now. After some research I decided buying these, by ZOEVA COSMETICS. I had heard many good things about the make up brand and that’s why I chose for the professional COMPLETE SET. Besides this set, I also bought myself a CONCEALER SPECTRUM palette and a single face 129 LUXE FAN brush, which I really wanted for its nice design.

After I’ve bought the ZOEVA brushes, I realized how badly I needed those in my make up kit as they make my make up routine even better than before. Since I’m really happy with this new addition in my make up arsenal, I’d like to share my honest opinion with you.16176265_10154947686807838_1734605088_n

“After I’ve bought the ZOEVA brushes, I realized how badly I needed those in my make up kit.”


With their black handles and silver detailing, these make up brushes are looking very professional, but maybe they just are. They’re so unbelievably soft that it gives you a blessed feeling. When using these silky make up brushes, I feel like my skin is pampered the right way.

Obviously I’ve displayed them on my beauty table, it would be a shame hiding these beauties in a make up bag. To me the price to quality ratio is correct. Especially when buying a set instead of single brushes, you can save up to 50 euros and you’ll get a beautiful brush clutch too.







102 Silk Finish: Applies and blends foundation
104 Buffer: Applies and blends foundation, powder and mineral makeup
106 Powder: Applies loose and pressed powder
110 Face Shape: Contours the face shape with cream and powder products
128 Cream Cheek: Applies cream and powder blush
142 Concealer Buffer: Applies and blends concealer

+ The single 129 LUXE FAN brush to apply powder, bronzer or highlighter

227 Luxe Soft Definer: Softly blends and smoothens eyeshadow
228 Luxe Crease: Blends and shades eyeshadow in the crease
223 Petit Eye Blender: Accentuates the crease
231 Luxe Petit Crease: Accentuates and blends in the crease
234 Luxe Smoky Shader: Shades and blends with smoky effect
235 Contour Shader: Apply eyeshadow v-shaped
315 Fine Liner: Precise application of eyeliner products
317 Wing Liner: Creates detailed eyeliner strokes and a perfect wing
322 Brow Line: Applies eyebrow products for perfectly shaped brows


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